The Pistol Shrimp : The Fastest Gun in the Sea

Physical characteristics of the pistol shrimp

This tiny shrimp measures 3 to 5 centimetres and takes its name from the sound emitted by its prominent claw. It is also used for feeding and defending itself, and measures nearly half the size of shrimp. If unfortunately his large pliers are torn off, his other smaller pliers grow bigger to replace it and another, smaller one grows back on his torn stump.


1459952580 pistol


A peaceful cohabitation

Like most crustaceans, the pistol shrimp has very poor vision, to compensate for this, it often shares its hole with a goby that it touches from its antennas to make sure of its presence. If a danger is identified, the two accomplices immediately take refuge in the hole.


Feeding of the shrimp pistol

Pistol shrimp feed mainly on small fish, small crabs and other shrimp.


Alpheidae pistol shrimp

A super powerful clamp

This shrimp hunts its prey by activating its claw, making it snap hard. This action creates a water bubble which, by imploding, projects an extremely powerful jet of water (30 m/s). This formidable “weapon” is used to amaze, knock out, kill or break shells.


A record specialist

– Noisiest creature in the world with 220 decibels generated at the time of firing
– Creature capable of generating the most heat, 4,700°Celsius



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