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Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards

Diving Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards are the most enjoyable and convenient way to explore the far East of the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea’s best dive sites in Thailand and Myanmar.

From the Southern Islands of Phuket, to Similan and Surin Archipelagos and beyond with the Mergui Archipelago in Myamnar Burma, everything is here to offer the visitors: all ranked National Parks, virgin islands with white sandy beaches above the Sea, and below the surface: reefs, coral gardens and cliffs for unforgettable diving surrounded by an amazing and coloured tropical fauna.

Our numerous programs for Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards, boarding from Phuket and Khao Lak, provide flexibility to accommodate your diving holidays from 2 days / 2 nights up to 8 days / 8 nights on board our comfortable diving vessels.

The diving conditions on our diving Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards are ideal for all diving levels and anyone looking for new adventure or extending his/her practice.

Beginners just certified can join us too with a dedicated private guide to lead safely their first real diving experiences.

Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards

Our Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards domain area can be split in 3 main destinations:

The Southern Islands of Phuket, referred as the “Pearl of the Andaman”, with the Islands of Koh Haa, Hin Muang, Hin Daeng, Phi Phi, are considered among the best diving destination in Thailand.

Still little known with few boats around almost virgin reefs, the destination of the Southern Islands surprises more than one diver during each diving cruise, offering an uncomparable richness of marine life with a very wide diversity and density.

The three Limestone rocks of Hin Daeng and the pinnacle of Hin Muang lie at the Southest part of the Archipelago, Islands with great scenery above and below the surface. The inhabited Koh Haa islands group is one of the most contrasted with cliffs and hidden beaches.

The Similan and Surin Archipelagos with the inescapable beauty and richness of Richelieu Rock, are known as the best dives of Thailand.

These uninhabited Virgin Islands are located about 80 km northwest of Phuket and Khao Lak, and offer an abundant variety of encountered species.

With Koh Tachai and Koh Bon, they are considered among the top 10 dive destinations in the world.

The islands are national parks and the reef conservation is on-going with a turtle protection program, to help maintain them in their natural environment.

Further North the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar Burma where diving is deemed exceptional, both for the potential of the many unexplored sites around its 800 virgin islands, set in granite and limestone, which span an area of 36,000 km², and its underwater richness everywhere.

We organised there diving cruises since 2001.

Dive between pinnacles, canyons, plateaus, swim-through and tunnels, where there are presently colourful hard and soft corals, giant sea fans, and soft coral forests where sedentary and pelagic faunas intersect.

We will welcome you on board with our great pleasure, sharing together out of time moments, encounters and infinite passion for the magic big blue.

Thailand Myanmar Liveaboards