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This 2020-2021 season is surrounded by such a special atmosphere. We do not yet know when the Thai borders will be able to reopen to divers from all over the world.

In the meantime and since October, we are inviting all divers currently in Thailand, for new underwater adventures: diving cruise, day trips or training, all while enjoying exceptional benefits!

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Special Promo 2020 Season

Take advantage of our special promotions right now and benefit from low prices aboard our BUNMEE 3 and BUNMEE 4 boats
and discover with us the best dive sites of Thailand in a very friendly atmosphere 🙂

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Enjoy our gifts

Free Booking

- No booking deposit
- 10% on all our regular cruises.
- 100% equipment rental = FREE
Time Limited Offer

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free booking

Free Diving Course

Until 31/12 2020 we offer you the theoretical course "Diving Sciences"

If you are preparing for an advanced level or wish to extend your knowledge, now is the time to take advantage of this exceptional offer!

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+ More Gifts ...

We have plainty of additional gifts for your next dives with us, take advantage of special discounts

Available for diving cruises, equipment rentals, diving courses or Nitrox packages and more ...

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Promotional Dates

We invite you to take advantage of promotional dates throughout the year.

Special period cruises: this is a guarantee for a small price of a confirmed departure for a maximum of space and a particular and tailor-made dive.

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Last Minute Promo Offers

We always offer last-minute promotions on board our cruises when we have room left.
We publish the offers directly on this page a few days in advance of the next departure. Stay tuned!

Without a reservation, places are of course not guaranteed, but it is often possible.

If you are close to Khao Lak, drop by our dive center to meet us. We will be able to give you detailed information about last minute offers.

andaman scuba

Special Events

Biology Cruise, Images Cruise, Theme Cruise… We regularly receive on board of our cruises specialists sharing their passion for multiple subjects around diving and the sea.

Take advantage of these cruises experiences and special events to discover a new passion for the underwater world or simply to live and enrich your diving.

Diver Reviews

Book your next dive adventure

Book your next dive adventure

Book your next dive adventure

the TIME to enjoy it!

-10 %


Taking advantage of free time to perfect your knowledge or to reach an advanced or professional level, this program develops a thorough and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, aquatic environment, and diving equipment. At the end of this exceptionally offered online program, you will receive the SSI Science of Diving certification free of charge.

*Offer valid until June 30, 2020


To take advantage of all our promotional gifts all you need to do is fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.