Refresher Course : Been out of the water for a while**? You do not remember how to configure the equipment? Having trouble remembering underwater communication? Feeling a bit rusty?

The scuba refresher dives are designed to re-engage divers with the underwater world. Please note, it is NOT a re-evaluation. Your dive certification is for life and you have already passed all criteria in which to scuba dive. All we want to do is help you get back into the water and swimming around confidently in a controlled, safe and easy environment under the close watch of one of our experienced dive professionals.

During the refresher course, one of our dive professionals will meet you at our dive centre, speak with you informally about your previous dive experience, help you to refresh your skills at the reef in a easy and fun way during two dives.

We tailor the scuba review to your exact requirements, which can include an orientation to equipment selection, equipment set-up, underwater communication and a tune up of the fundamental skills learned during the open water diving course.

Included: Hotel transfers + Equipment + 2 Boat Reef Dives with lunch & drinks + Private Instruction


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