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Nitrox Diver Course : Get your Nitrox certification in just one day!

In recreational diving, enriched air or nitrox (or EAN) is defined by any mixture of nitrogen and oxygen with a percentage of oxygen between 21 and 40%.
The two most commonly used Nitrox mixes are: 32% and 36% oxygen. In all cases, the other gas in the mixture is nitrogen.

Diving with such a mixture can bring you many advantages:

  • Longer limits without decoration
  • Shorter surface time intervals
  • Reduction of fatigue after diving
  • Better gas consumption (+ 10%)
  • Reduced narcosis
  • Up to 50 times cleaner than standard air
  • Additional safety with flight times and diving at altitude

Our boats are fully equipped with Nitrox filling stations and our Instructors are Nitrox Certified.
will teach you a much safer way to dive and you can be certified as a Nitrox Diver in just one day!

Included: Free Online Learning + Hotels transfers + 2 dives + Instruction + Certification

4 Students Maximum
When booking, your online learning will be configured to save you time


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