Hin Daeng – Hin Muang – Koh Haa – Phi Phi – Shark Point – Anemone Reef: The Southern Archipelago

Still little known, the destination of the southern islands with the highlight dive sites of Hin Muang and Hin Daeng, surprises more than one diver during each diving cruise.Few boats, few other recreational divers, almost Virgin Islands, and a very wide variety both in the diversity, quantity and the richness of the dive sites.

The three rocks of Hin Daeng and the pinnacle of Hin Muang lie a the south most part of the Archipelago.Except Racha Noi all other are Limestone Islands with great scenery above and below the surface.The inhabited Koh Haa islands group is one of the most contrasted with cliffs and hidden beaches.

hin muang

Hin Daeng / Hin Muang

The amazing Hin Daeng, referred to as the tropical iceberg!
Three rocks break the surface and hide an incredible drop-off down to a depth of 50 meters.
The reefs around the rocks provide an overwhelming variety of marine life with a quality and richness that is comparable to the Similan Archipelagos.
The hard and soft corals along with the schools of fish, including giant barracuda, tuna and fusilier are engaging divers while swimming along with the magnificent whale shark and its fellow cobias. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Come with Andaman Scuba and let us check it out together!
100 meters from Hin Daeng, lies the world-class diving site of Hin Muang with one of the most amazing reefs in the Andaman Sea. Reaching the same depth as Hin Daeng, its reef is totally covered with hard and soft corals while a wide variety of oceanic species decides to appear: silvertip and whale shark, big stingrays…

Corals Picture

Koh Haa Islands

Together we will take in the magnificent Koh Haa, a group of five limestone islets, where taking in a night dive is a must, with its caves, drop-off, along with turtles, Jenkins stingray and leopard sharks.
Koh Haa Islands dive sites offer probably the highest concentration in rare endemic fauna in the west coast of Andaman Sea: ghostpipe fishes – sea horses – harlequin shrimps … But also couples of Pegasus which are not generally seen at this latitude.
Their dimorphism of genus makes them easy to recognise: the female with a dark hooked eagle nose, the male with a clear flat duck nose. And the male always closely following the female!
At last but not least, Koh Haa Nua Island, the Northernmost of the group, has a magnificent forest of Octocorallia spanning hundreds of square meters.
According to divers accustomed to diving travel around the world, they have never seen as wide and dense.

Phi Phi / Shark Point / Anemone Reef

Located at the North of the Southern Islands Archipelago, these dives sites are essential.It’s frequent to observe leopard and black reef type sharks.
The King Cruiser wreck, a ferry that sank in 1997, is today totally covered by colored soft corals and during the past decades became the home of thousands fishes. Amazing school’s density darkening the luminosity during their passages!
Anemone Reef and Shark Point look like a small Richelieu Rock, flushing with the surface and covered with pink and blue purple alcyonarians. Just below the life is abundant: fields of sea anemones, clown fishes, angel fishes, fusiliers, trigger fishes, rays, groupers, …
Knowing that the Hin DaengHin Muang experience is a favorite with scuba divers, Andaman Scuba specifically arranges cruises for 3 nights / 3 days to these sites as often as possible.

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