We are very proud to introduce our new liveaboard vessel BUNMEE 3 to be launch for the coming season 2015-2016 starting next October

BUNMEE 3 will be our new regular dive boat for divers and groups and will advantageously replace our previous boats M.V. Bunmee I & M.Y. Bunmee II.

Recent steel vessel built in 2013 we are actually setting her up this low season to offer on board all the actual standards expected by divers added with many details for comfortable and unforgetable trips.

BUNMEE 3 can accomodate up to 18 passengers aboard in 9 cabins, available in 3 categories:
– 1 large MASTER double bed cabin located at the front of the boat; a third space has also been equipped for a kid.
– 4 COMFORT double or twin bed cabins with private shower-toilet
– 4 STANDARD double or twin bed cabins which sharing 2 showers (1 shower-toilet shared with 2 cabins only)

M.V. Bunmee I – A farewell in the country of Buddha …

With great sadness we have lost our boat M.V. Bunmee I, faithful ship, which has embarked as her edge during almost fifteen years, several thousand divers on our cruises to Archipelagoes of Similan, Surin and the Southern Islands.

In the night 1st/2nd February 2014, around 2:30 am, during the navigation to Hin Muang with 13 embarked passengers, an electrical fire has started in the engine room.
Despite the outbreak of the cockpit fire alarm and the immediate action of the crew to try to extinguish it, it has spread very quickly to the internal structures of our teak boat, especially strengthened by hot atmosphere reigning near the engines.
Some passengers have realized by themselves the smoke emission arriving by the ventilation of cabins.

The intervention against the fire in machinery room was difficult and dangerous with no visibility and with the emission of heavy and toxic smokes, and the chances of success very low compared to the risk added of fire spreading rapidly to fuel tanks.
The situation analysed and placing before anything else the safety of the people, our team took early the decision to confine the fire in the engine compartment, acting so to stifling the fire, decrease its intensity and prevent it from quick propagating to fuel tanks.

This choice so created the best conditions and biggest safety margin for the evacuation and for resolve the various problems created by the loss of electricity networks.
Guided by the instructors of our team including one having a very strong knowledge regarding security and fighting maritime fire, the crew and all the present passengers have acted with calm and big lucidity to set up an electric system and trigger the alert as soon as possible.

No flame was able to reach the main deck and the cabins – all problems has been resolved for a peaceful evacuation, although the event took place in the middle of the night.

Everyone were evacuated on our inflatable rescue raft and our inflatable dinghy.
A fishing boat being at a distance of 5 miles has joined our ship after the reception of the radio message, then has embarked all passengers being in the rescue raft and the dinghy plus the equipage.
Then after have decided not to stay has closeness when the fire would reach the main levels and superiors of our ship, the fishing boat went away, taking the direction of Phuket.
At safe distance we saw the fire grow and it gained all the structures of the boat.
She flowed some times later without any hope of recovery or refloating.

All the passengers and the crew that have disembarked at Phuket Town a few hours later in a certain good mood in spite of the fatigue of a “white” night, this event will remain positive in the end in all the memoirs.
No one has been injured even not a small scratch has happened, showing that this event was managed to best in calm and lucidity.

Then we immediately set up the solutions of material, administrative and financial logistics to ensure in the times and the best possible conditions the return planned in France or the continuation of the stays of all the passengers.
Having resolved the problems of the passengers due to this event, we have then studied the best solutions for the next cruises and stays of the divers which are arrived after and which already had reserved and paid their plane tickets and their stay.

On February 10th 2014, 8 days after the fire, the first cruise has restarted on board M.Y. Bunmee II to the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock.
Since and untill the end of the season 2014, we have been able to transfer almost all reservations already on our second boat, without any change of itinerary or schedule.

All the elements collected in the investigation of the naval police which followed, carries has to believe that the origin of the fire comes from an internal mechanical failure of a generator which introduced the fire.
M.V. Bunmee I was out of the shipyard 4 months earliest in October and all the annual revisions among which those engines and generators had been performed.
No safety lack or human fault, no negligence of the crew or of the owner of the boat regarding the regulation were rebuked.

The loss of our boat M.V. Bunmee I will remain both a hard sentimal event and a financial difficult event as she represented also for us several long working years.
Certainly the sentimental aspect will occupy most place, because we were very attached to our “first one” liveaboard ship with whom we lived 15 years of unforgettable submarine adventures which many divers still remember.

In spite of this heavy event, Andaman Scuba will always stay passionated of the sea and our energy, just like after the Tsunami, based on the shared love of diving, will know how to set up all the solutions for continue to cross the Andaman Sea for the pleasure of the dive and cruises

The Thais like to think, that a ship made in wood has a soul and we are quite seduced by this idea.
M.V. Bunmee I Rests In Peace now between the sky and the water, somewhere off the Southern Islands in a place known by him alone.

She will stay for a long time in our minds and souvenir.
We wish her to remains in symbiosis with the elements she has always accompanied!

M/V Bunmee I Specifications

M/V Bunmee I could accomodate 16 to 18 divers in double/twin cabin with private toilets/shower.

Main deck

Main deck scheme

1. Double and twins cabins
2. Double dive deck

3. Upper Deck access
4. Diving Platform

Upper deck

Upper deck scheme

4. Lunch Area
5. Solarium
6. Mini-Bar and Buffet

7. Vidéo room
8. Kitchen
9. Captan cabin and staff

M/V Bunmee I Technical data
Lenght 25 Meters / 80 Ft
Beam 6 Meters / 20 Ft
Draft 2 Meters / 7 Ft
Engine 2 x 330 hp HINO – EK
Cruising Speed 10 kNots
Generators 2 x 30 kwa
Compressors 3 – Bauer / Coltri
Electricity 12v – 24v – 220v
Fresh water 10.000 liters
Doubles Cabins / Twin 8 “Comfort”
Headroom 1.95 Meter / 6 Ft
Bathroom Units 10 (1/cabin + 2 Toilets-showers in common area)
Dinghy Hard=Inflatable 4m70 -30 CV
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