Diving Khaolak –  Similan – Koh Bon – Koh Tachai – Richelieu Rock

Diving Khaolak is the perfect geographical spot to access this world famous diving area from the Similan to the Archipelago of Surin. We have them all in a slightly different way :)

Khaolak, we organise daily to the best dive sites:

Similan Islands / Koh Bon / Koh Tachai / Richelieu Rock / Local Wrecks…

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Diving Khaolak to the Islands of Similan

Unless staying several months with its own boat it is not possible to discover all the sites offered by the Islands of Similan, because it exists of some pinnacle and some virgin boulders among which the depth and the orientation make difficult the exploration.

Here are in the way South to North, short descriptions of the most famous dives for every diver levels.

Southern Similan

The Islands of the extremly South of Similan – 1, 2 and 3 – are protected today and the access is prohibited both above and under the surface.
The beach of the island 1 is an important place for the turtle reproduction: an rare site of egg laying.

  • Boulders City : South East of Similan – cristal water – large area of submerged huge boulders & white sand between 15 and 45 m – gorgonian sea fans tree corals – home of leopard sharks & stingrays – manta rays during the season
  • Shark Fin Reef / Hin Pae : South East of island #3 (ko payan) – huge long submersible boulder forms sloping bottom covered with boulders to depths of 40 m and beyond – formation of rocks always protects one side of the dive site from current – tree corals – leopard sharks – white & black tip reef sharks – manta rays – school of hump head parrotfish.
  • Anita Reef : East of Islands 5 and 6 (Koh Ha / KohHok) – Sloping relief up to the bottom of white sand – from 15 to 25 m rocks are covered with multicolored hard and soft corals and are the support of a rich coral fauna. The current is generally in the way of the site.
  • West of Eden : North East tside of island #7 (koh Payu) – sloping bottom of white coral sand, covered with pinnacles of hard & soft corals – reef descending from the surface till 25-30 m – rich variety of tropical reef-fishes & pelagic species – mostly protected from waves and current.
  • Deep Six : Certainly the “Deepest dive” of Similan – Starting by Arches above the surface the reef descend like a wall to 50 m++ – rocks covered with hard and soft corals – gorgonian sea fans – smaller reef species as well as pelagic – turtles – grey reef shark – current often present with always protection on one side of the reef

The northern part of the Similan

  • Elephant Head ou Elephant Rock : Group of three big granite boulders emerged between island #7 and #8 – spectacular dive site with forming arches, tunnels & swimthroughs – rich of soft corals and gorgonian sea fans – jackfish fusiliers – tuna – giant moray eels – 10 to 35 m with moderate to strong current but protection is easily found
  • Boulders / Duck Bay : North West point of island #8 – group of shallow boulders – max 12 m – most beautiful at night – hard and soft coral species – lobster, rich variety of crabs and shrimps – small swimthrough – side of the bay always protected from current & waves on the winter season
  • Snapper Allay / Breakfast Bend : Eastside of island #9 (koh Bangu) – sloping sandy bottom with pinnacles of hard and soft corals – reef from the surface till 25 m – rich of various reef fish – leopard sharks – current mostly mild following generally the reef in one direction
  • Christmas Point : West side #9 (koh Bangu) – boulders and arches – dynamic dive site from 10 to 30 m – soft & hard corals – leopard sharks – white & black tip reef sharks – turtles – pelagic fish – tuna, mackerel, barracuda – current moderate to strong
  • North Point : Huge boulders forming large granite canyons area – from 10 to 30 m – gorgonian sea fans, soft corals – home of batfish school, giant moray eels, barracuda & turtles – current mostly mild.

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Diving Khaolak to Koh Bon / Island of Bon

Being a Member of the Archipelago of Surin, Koh Bon offers its falling or large stingrays are often encountered. Manta rays made a spot, one of their stopping-off place..

diving khaolak

  • Koh Bon Pinacle :  Penicule reaches till 18 m of depth descents till 50 m and more / covered with soft yellow corals / rich variety of pelagic species; barracuda, tuna, jackfish, sharks / in season manta rays often encountered / current can be strong
  • Koh Bon West Ridge (called also “the Point” or “the Finger”) :  depths between 15 and 35 m / covered with soft yellow, green and blue corals / rich variety of pelagic species / in season manta rays often encountered / current can be strong

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Diving Khaolak to Koh Tachai / Island of Tachai

Koh Tachai, is further north situated, with its 2 cliffs of various structures, the one makes of big pave of granite, the other one opposite of a beach, composed of coral massifs..

  • Koh Tachai Pinacle  (called also “Le Plateau”) :  Platform in open sea surrounded by boulders / 10-35 m / covered with hard and soft corals / leopard sharks common, white and blacktip reefsharks, pelagic fishes / in season manta rays and walesharks encounters possible / current can be strong
  • Koh Tachai Reef (called also “Coral Garden’) : Sloping reef with mostly hard corals / 5-25 m / rich variety of tropical reef fishes / in season manta rays encounters possible

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Diving Khaolak to Richelieu Rock

Richelieu rock, so named after the famous captain had struck the Rock, contains enough life to make several dives on tirelessly, eyes that must adapt itself sometimes to the vision by far, sometimes to the vision closely. Benches of barracudas, tunas, jack fish and mackerels are regularly observed. The rock of Richelieu is also one of places of meeting privileged person for the observation of the whale sharks during the season.

  • Richelieu Rock : Limestone pinnacle in open sea between Surin Islands and mainland of Thailand / 8-30 m / covered with soft corals and anemones / very rich variety of reef fishes as well as many pelagics; best divesite to encounter whalesharks / current can be strong but one side of the divesite is mostly protected from current

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Diving Khaolak to Locals wreck

Near Khaolak are several former and modern remains.

  • Boonsong wreck : This wreck rests in 45 minutes of navigation opposite the village of Bangsak.
    The former boat of tin mines, it flowed in 1984 in a depth of 18m.
    Considered too dangerous because too much near the surface, Thai Marine was called to blow up the boat and reduce her height by the collapse of bridges, to establish the wreck which we know today, 10 meters in height and scattered on more than 80 m.
    Over the years, hard and soft corals developed on the hull, which so became an artificial cliff, attracting naturally the big shoals of fish. The wreck of Boonsong establishes the only “reef” in the middle of a huge sandy surface, and a big variety of shellfish and fishes settled in it – sea horses – angelfishes – barracudas …
  • Condreco wreck : This wreck rests on its side, in a 20 meter depth, a few hundred meters away from the beach Thai Muang.
    Also used for the transport of tin, Condreco made wreck in September, 2000.
    In excellent state and covered with soft corals, we find a large number of moray leopard there, and any sorts of ptéroïs – lion fish and scorpion fishes. It is also possible to observe ghost pipe fish.

These two remains are made in dive in the half-day.

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Diving Khaolak to local Reef

Near Khaolak are coral reefs shallow and ideals for the learning of the dive.
Khao Na Yak Reef is the most known and his depth is around 9 meters.
Two successive dives can be done there in half a day.

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