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All Diving Courses in Khaolak are offered by Andaman Scuba to allow you to discover and explore the wonders of the underwater kingdom but also to continue your training in ideal conditions of safety and comfort.

The Diving Instructors Team SSI PADI CMAS will give you the best of their experience according to your expectations.

We know perfectly the different systems guaranteeing your choice, equivalence and access levels.


The SSI and PADI Discover Scuba Diving introductory this diving courses in Khaolak on a fascinating new world experience.

First in a protected environment if you have no prior practice of diving or free diving, then at sea you will learn the basic and safety exercises for 2 fun dives with a Private Instructor for 2 people maximum.

As soon as this experience is acquired, you will be part of the large family of divers, and will be on the path to a certification recognised worldwide.