Le 30 May 2015

Aboard of our new ship  BUNMEE 3

Cruise Special New Year 2017 : Discover wild sites of Surin Islands at the extreme limit of the border of Burma

From 28 December 2016 to 2 January  2017
Boardinglanding from KhaoLak

5 Days / 5 Nights / 19 dives on board of BUNMEE 3
Diver Cabin Comfort (private toilet and shower) 1.060 €
Diver Master cabin (private toilet and shower) 1.160 €
Diver Standard Cabin (semi-private toilet and shower) 960 €

Non-diver prices = 80% of the diver price

For this tour 5 days / 5 nights, the return navigation takes place on day 5 after the third dive and the landing takes place in the late afternoon early evening.

Cruise Itinerary Similan Special New Year 2017

Night 1
20h30 Boarding
21h00 navigation to Similan
Day 1
8h00 Breakfast
8h30 1º Dive Similan Islands
11h30 2º Dive Similan Islands
13h00 Lunch
15h30 3º Dive Similan Islands
19h30 Night Dive Similan Islands
20h30 Dinner
Night 2 Mooring Similan
Day 2
8h00 1º Dive Similan Islands
9h00 Breakfast
11h00 2º Dive Similan Islands
12h30 Lunch
15h00 3º Dive Similan Islands
19h00 Night Dive Similan
20h30 New Year dinner
Night 3 Mooring Similan
Day 3
8h00 1º Dive Koh Bon
9h00 Breakfast
11h00 2º Dive Koh Bon
12h30 Lunch
15h00 3º Dive Koh Tachai
19h00 Night Dive Koh Tachai
20h30 Dinner
Night 4 Mooring Koh Tachai
Day 4
8h00 1º Dive Richelieu Rock
9h00 Breakfast
11h00 2º Dive Richelieu Rock
12h30 Lunch
15h00 3º Dive Surin
19h30 Night Dive Surin
20h30 Dinner
Night 5 Mooring Surin
Day 5
8h00 1º Dive Surin
9h00 Breakfast
10h00 2º Dive Richelieu Rock
12h00 Lunch
15h00 3º Plongée Richelieu
16h00 Navigation
19h00 Disembarking

BUNMEE 3 Itineraries are given for information.
They can be modified at any time by Andaman Scuba for security, the interest and comfort of the cruise and passengers.

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