andaman scuba

A Few Words About Andaman Scuba

First of all, it is the common passion for the sea and its life that is the main link constituting our whole team.
We live for and through this passion, which guides us in our activities and our life choices. Transmitting this passion to the divers we meet is totally inseparable from it.

Very interested in marine biology and life expansion models, we enthusiastically share our knowledge, and we look forward to teaching techniques to access the underwater world and other activities such as underwater photography or video.

Involved in the underwater and human experience, we focus on quality and comfort for the diving passengers, supported by a professional and personalized service.

Constituting the ethos of Andaman Scuba since our first cruise in 1997, we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness encouraging to both underwater and human interaction.

We value and respect the trust our dive guests place in us and are committed to achieve the highest standards in the execution of our responsibilities.

Our team’s motivation to lead and innovate in these approaches ensures that you receive the best possible exchanges, advices and services during your trip with us.

Fundamental to our corporate culture, Andaman Scuba operates its dive cruises on board the BUNMEE fleet, bringing you multiple experiences and unforgettable travel memories.

andaman scuba

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