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A Few Words About Andaman Scuba

First of all, it is the common passion for the sea and its life that is the main link constituting our whole team.
We live for and through this passion, which guides us in our activities and our life choices. Transmitting this passion to the divers we meet is totally inseparable from it.

Very interested in marine biology and life expansion models, we enthusiastically share our knowledge, and we look forward to teaching techniques to access the underwater world and other activities such as underwater photography or video.

Involved in the underwater and human experience, we focus on quality and comfort for the diving passengers, supported by a professional and personalized service.

Constituting the ethos of Andaman Scuba since our first cruise in 1997, we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness encouraging to both underwater and human interaction.

We value and respect the trust our dive guests place in us and are committed to achieve the highest standards in the execution of our responsibilities.

Our team’s motivation to lead and innovate in these approaches ensures that you receive the best possible exchanges, advices and services during your trip with us.

Fundamental to our corporate culture, Andaman Scuba operates its dive cruises on board the BUNMEE fleet, bringing you multiple experiences and unforgettable travel memories.

andaman scuba

Our Experience

Enjoy the Experience

Andaman Scuba, the first French dive center in Thailand, was established in Phuket in 1997 and then in Khao Lak, facing the Similan Islands, a few years later.  French Dive Center, French Dive Center Dive Center Thailand

Since then, we welcome, always with the same passion, divers from all over the world for cruises, diving courses, or for day trips.

Pioneer of scuba diving cruises in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar, Andaman Scuba benefits from more than 30 years of experience in the organization of diving in the world.

Our scuba diving cruises in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar are done on our own boats, with our team guaranteeing our total control over the activities and organization.The diving team is led by highly experienced SSI PADI CMAS professional instructors.

andaman scuba

What more will you get with us?

At Andaman Scuba, we are not in the luxury nor in the mass, but very comfortable and human size!

Eco-friendly !

  • Andaman Scuba is committed to the International Charter for the Responsible Diver. Thus, we wish to represent a diving that preserves and shares the richness of the marine world: by transmitting our knowledge, by decreasing our impact on the environment, and by setting up actions on the long term. The detailed guide can be found here, so that you too have access to simple rules to protect the underwater life.
  • We are also committed to the International Charter of Responsible Shark Ecotourism from Shark Education in order to protect the different species of sharks present on our dive sites. To minimize shark disturbance, we organize small group dives, limit the speed of our boats, and reduce our noise impact. The charter guide can be found here for more information.
  • We offer a personal reusable stainless steel water bottle to all passengers on our cruises with a hot and cold water point on board and on land. You won’t have to use a plastic water bottle during your stay! It can accompany you everywhere, and others can even follow your green example
  • We provide you with organic shampoo and shower gel
  • Reduction of plastic use – no more single use and more recycling onboard
  • Calculated routes for minimized fuel consumption

✓ Free Wi-Fi!

  • On land and on board stay connected with your family or friends, and share your moments on Andaman Scuba’s social networks

✓ More space on board!

  • We limit the number of passengers on each cruise
  • Our boats are never overcrowded or overbooked
  • Cabins are reserved for 2 passengers (double or twin beds) and are cleaned daily
  • Our boats offer Marina cabins with private shower-toilet in cabin, and Horizon cabins in semi-private (1 shower-toilet shared for 2 cabins only), and the crew has its own shower-toilet area
    Basically: you won’t have to wait in line for your morning shower, when other boats make you share 3 to 4 toilets between 20 passengers + crew, which means a long wait for the morning rituals 😉

✓ Generous, traditional, and good quality meals

  • Farmed fish for a more responsible choice: fish – meat – seafood on every meal – Fresh fruit and desserts
  • Choice for all: vegetarian dishes are also proposed, and we cater to your preferences
  • Choice of preferred breakfast à la carte
  • Generous meal: joining the table to eat later than the other guests will not be a problem: you won’t have to worry about finding only rice to eat 😉

✓ Quality of supervision and dive guidance:

  • Professional instructors and divemasters certified SSI PADI CMAS FFESSM, having perfectly the knowledge of the prerogatives and the real equivalences of the levels
  • Organization of the dives in complete safety and with a grouping of divers by level and experience
  • Our team has an average of 3+ years of experience on the dive sites of Thailand and Myanmar and take you directly to the specific points of interest of each dive site
  • You will not be assigned to unsupervised or led by guides who are too recently certified and do not know enough about the particularities of the sites

✓ Flexibility and adaptability of schedules

  • Andaman Scuba is flexible when it comes to scheduling dives. We adapt the launch times according to the conditions as well as the number of divers already on the site to avoid meeting large groups of divers from other boats during our dives 😉
  • Without precipitation nor fixed generic schedules of the courses of the days, we adapt the planning with the wire of time according to the possibilities and desires of each one: idleness, beach, dives…
    Because above all, it is your diving vacation!

In short, a small difference in price, which will allow you to get much more on board our boats, all in comfort and humankind.

✓ The choice is yours

As with all things in our world, there are quality original products, but also cheaper copies, sometimes even very pale copies, still captivating in photos but much less realistic once you get there. If you are still unsure which dive center to choose, our best advice is to take a look at the clubs to get to know their staff and their operation.

✓ It’s your vacation, don’t waste it!

Andaman Scuba is always listening to you in order to improve and offer the best solutions corresponding to your needs. We are above all a friendly company, with respect and human contact. We will do our best to make you live a unique stay in Thailand.

andaman scuba

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