In Thailand, the fight against plastic continues to save its blue paradise from this scourge

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ve probably noticed the rather
significant use of plastic. Unlimited plastic bags in the supermarkets, plastic
straws and plastic cups in the markets… plastic is everywhere.
On average, a Thai person uses 8 plastic bags per day. And do you know where
all that plastic goes? Most of it is found in the oceans, unfortunately…

However, the year 2020 marks a change: since January, a law has banned
single-use bags in supermarkets, and many shops and restaurants have started to
offer alternatives to single-use plastic: bamboo or steel straws in
restaurants, cardboard cups and plates at the market, banana leaves as
packaging… Also, mentalities are becoming aware of plastic pollution, and are
ready to change their habits.

Plastic containers containing Luk Chub, a traditional Thai multi-coloured sweet dessert made from ground mung beans, coloured and hand shaped, at a market stall, Thailand

But because of the pandemic, the situation has not progressed well. With
most restaurants and markets closed, the population had to resume its bad
habits and had difficulty adapting to the crisis. Shopping in quantity at the
supermarket, picking up take-away food at the small market, delivering meals to
homes in confined cities… All this has greatly increased the amount of plastic

Several Thai environmental organizations are considering other projects to remedy the plastic scourge that affects the whole country.
Lilly, a 12-year-old environmental activist, has already managed to convince a major retailer in Bangkok to stop issuing single-use bags once a week. Other retail chains have also pledged to stop using single-use bags from this year.
The target for the end of the year is to reduce single-use plastic by a third.

For several years now, the Thai National Parks Department has been trying to protect its fauna and flora as well as possible by having instituted an annual closure for several months, generally in low season, of the various national and marine parks in order to allow a better ecological recovery, to preserve Thailand’s green and blue paradise. Most of the dive sites are therefore not accessible during this period, but for the good of all.

Man standing on the beach and enjoying the tropical place with a view. caribbean sea colors and palm trees in the background. Concept about travels and lifestyle

But in the meantime, remember: we are all masters of our own actions.
Adopting good habits also means helping the planet: refusing single-use bags at
the supermarket, always carrying a reusable bag, drinking without a plastic
straw, buying in bulk, etc. There are so many ways to say no to plastic.

And at Andaman Scuba, we also want to make our own contribution. For every
dive you do with us, we offer you an isothermal steel flask, to be used without moderation!

Say no to plastic text on tote bag carrying by man

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